A New Style instrument, I call it…

A New Style instrument, I call it the Contra Tenor Guitar or the Tenor version of the Spanish Guitarron or the Contra Tenor Acoustic Bass guitar. I believe it is actually closer to the last description. It’s a spin off of the lead tenor bass guitar (i.e. Stanley Clarke among others perform melodies with). Check out what is possible if you are trying to create something new. We are all creators and gifted with talents hidden and unhidden. We need to let people and ourselves know that we all contain broad-based human experiences and talents  with complex themes.   But many times we just simply create.


Leo Cole ‏@mind…

Leo Cole ‏@mindmovement

“We are becoming a more kinder, gentler nation; lest we become more divided. Ultimately, we will choose our course.”

Learn Everyday: Don’t be…

OLD new FOOL an Old Fool!

One of the most important things to remember when taking on a brand new task – one that’s never been done before – and that is to be completely open to accept the new concept. We as a people have learned to survive on the sum total of our experiences and our formal education. Once most people enter adulthood, they become confined to a mode of operation that either keeps them safe in their circle of experiences or they continuously soak up knowledge and become life-long learners. The latter is a state of mind that believes that everyone can learn something new every day. The former is a resignation of skills and abilities that alienates new learning and hinders progress.

Case Example: As a GED prep coach for a number of years, I have determined that younger adults (18-22) and older adults with open minds and a passion to succeed, do well on final exams/assessments. They tend to readily absorb knowledge. While on the other (sorry)hand, adults with dead-in jobs and a “I’m trapped mentality” tend to have a tougher time processing new information and many times combative and reject new ways of thinking about and old solution.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to systemically educate, consult, advise, and provide resources stabilizing the middle class in America.

Simmortel Voice - Vocalised Services!

Simmortel Voice – Vocalised Services! (Photo credit: Abhishek Singh Bailoo)

The goal is to provide competent, reliable, and value added services to all Americans and to help create a middle class that is sustainable and creatively responsive.

The Womclik Agency New Grassroots Manager

Harrison Leo Cole
Grassroots Manager /the Womclik Agency

Harrison Leo Cole
Grassroots Manager
Leo brings 20 years of creative arts marketing and management experience and over 15 years of professional education experience to the Womclik Agency. Working on projects for municipalities transportation department such as the city of Alexandria redesign and rollout of its public transit schedule for consumer ridership, Procter & Gamble local manufacturing with start-ups of new technologies through verification processes, Upskilling America’s education school contractor and program implementation, Antiques & Collectibles magazine co-founder and marketing director in a tri-state demographics, community activist consultant, chair and co-chair duties with cultural festivals, and High Stakes Testing campaigns through positive spin marketing, Harrison Leo Cole has had a hand in many aspects of the marketing, manufacturing and education world. Prior to co-founding The Womclik Agency he served as a school leader, teacher, print and graphic artist, community activist advisor, non-profit event consultant, professional musician and talent development coach. Successfully combing multi-faceted business experiences Leo leads the company through data driven results with humanitarian awareness.