Learn Everyday: Don’t be…

OLD new FOOL an Old Fool!

One of the most important things to remember when taking on a brand new task – one that’s never been done before – and that is to be completely open to accept the new concept. We as a people have learned to survive on the sum total of our experiences and our formal education. Once most people enter adulthood, they become confined to a mode of operation that either keeps them safe in their circle of experiences or they continuously soak up knowledge and become life-long learners. The latter is a state of mind that believes that everyone can learn something new every day. The former is a resignation of skills and abilities that alienates new learning and hinders progress.

Case Example: As a GED prep coach for a number of years, I have determined that younger adults (18-22) and older adults with open minds and a passion to succeed, do well on final exams/assessments. They tend to readily absorb knowledge. While on the other (sorry)hand, adults with dead-in jobs and a “I’m trapped mentality” tend to have a tougher time processing new information and many times combative and reject new ways of thinking about and old solution.


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