The Womclik Agency New Grassroots Manager

Harrison Leo Cole
Grassroots Manager /the Womclik Agency

Harrison Leo Cole
Grassroots Manager
Leo brings 20 years of creative arts marketing and management experience and over 15 years of professional education experience to the Womclik Agency. Working on projects for municipalities transportation department such as the city of Alexandria redesign and rollout of its public transit schedule for consumer ridership, Procter & Gamble local manufacturing with start-ups of new technologies through verification processes, Upskilling America’s education school contractor and program implementation, Antiques & Collectibles magazine co-founder and marketing director in a tri-state demographics, community activist consultant, chair and co-chair duties with cultural festivals, and High Stakes Testing campaigns through positive spin marketing, Harrison Leo Cole has had a hand in many aspects of the marketing, manufacturing and education world. Prior to co-founding The Womclik Agency he served as a school leader, teacher, print and graphic artist, community activist advisor, non-profit event consultant, professional musician and talent development coach. Successfully combing multi-faceted business experiences Leo leads the company through data driven results with humanitarian awareness.


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