ALGEBRA I: Review the Learning Ladder

ALGEBRA I: Start Simple

Review the Learning Ladder


  • Before a student can be expected to begin or complete a course in Algebra I…
    • 100% mastery of multiplication facts, division understanding, negative and positive integer’s concepts and comprehensive fraction knowledge is key.
    • Be certain to go back and review with your students these skills before assuming mastery.
    • Review of skills assesses achievement of mastery before climbing the “Needed Skills Ladder” [scaffold] of learning before tackling Algebra I. Each rung must be complete before proceeding to the next.
    • Now and only then can we effectively upskill our students.
      Math is based on skill building and Algebra begins a new more complex set of challenges for many students.


  • Leo Cole is an educator, former school administrator, artist, musician, science / math teacher and education visionary

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